Interview with KDP Champ Developer and Tool Introduction – Kindle Direct Publishing Analyze Tool

Today we have a special Video in ENGLISH (beware of strange accents!) with the developer of the awesome Kindle Direct Publishing tool KDP CHAMP, which is available for desktop, Android and iOS!

Super friendly developer Eiri tells us about his background and why he developed the tool, shows us the most important functions and lets us know what keeps him motivated!

Eiri agreed to let us give away THREE one year PRO subscriptions of KDP champ! All you have to do is register for an account through our link (yes it can be a free account as well) and we will draw the winners in two weeks!

Make sure to check out KDP Champ – even if you are a small Amazon seller – there is FREE version available until you earn €120 in a month, and the price of the PRO version is very generous as well:

00:00 Intro and Meet & Greet with Eiri from KDP Champ
14:37 KDP Champ Tool Introduction with Screenshare



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